Effective January 28, 2013
  • Office hours are from 8:30 AM – 5:30PM, Monday – Friday
  • Service hours are from 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM, week and weekends.

As long as the roads and weather permit, we will service your pet as requested. If driving conditions are hazardous, we will make every effort to notify you and work on a contingency plan together with you. The safety and well-being of your pet is very important to us, so we will take the time and effort to make things happen.

In preparation of upcoming inclement weather, KSR Pet Care will send a notification email in advance, announcing whether KSR Pet Care will be closed if the Federal Government closes, or remains open. If KSR Pet Care decides to close as well, all walks are automatically cancelled and credits added towards a next invoice. If a client is out-of-town we will make every possible attempt to visit these pets midst a possible delay. If a daily dog walking client does need service despite the closing, the client needs to contact the office by phone and/or email and await confirmation. Only with KSR Pet Care prior notification can walks be cancelled free of charge.

KSR Pet Care generally does not close for half-a-day Federal Government closings or delays. We do not follow school closings. When we decide to close and cancel all walks free of charge, we make this decision on the basis of safety, latest weather reports, road / side walk conditions, notice to reach clients on time as well as considering the hard fact that our walkers will be losing a whole day of income. Thank you for your understanding!


We accept payment by check or credit card (VISA, Mastercard and Discover). Payment is due on the first day of service. A $25 penalty automatically applies 10 days after due date and continues with
$25 more every 10 additional days late. All payments are final. We do not refund but instead offer a credit on your next service.

  • Checks are made payable to KSR Pet Care. Payment is sent by mail before the start of service.
  • Credit card (VISA, Mastercard, Discover) payments are accepted via fax or telephone. For security reasons we advice not to send credit card numbers by email or leave it in a note at your house. Before or on the first day of service we require your credit card payment details (please call 703-945-5045). Credit cards are charged once a month in the first or second week. You can sign up for recurring or one-time credit card payment.
  • For your convenience and peace of mind, we also offer the possibility of recurring credit card payments: with client authorization we process automatic or recurring payments after disclosure of the full charges in an invoice by email. This form authorizes us to charge your card before start of service. For more information, contact us at

KSR Pet Care provides services and so tipping your service providers (= your dog walker/pet sitter) is allowed and very much appreciated. If you received excellent service from us, please leave out or mail a tip for your dog walker or pet sitter of 15-20 % to KSR Pet Care, PO Box 198, McLean, VA 22101. Please write the check to the attention of your actual sitter. Or leave out a check or cash at a next service appointment. If you include your tip in the check to the company, the tip is not delivered to your actual dog walker or pet sitter: the money is taxable and no longer a gift.


Our rates are competitive with other bonded and insured businesses in the area. Due to the high demand for service, we ask for Holiday surcharges including all Federal Holidays, The day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, The-Day-After-Christmas, New year’s eve and the day after New year. Rates are subject to change without prior notice. For the most up-to-date overview of services and rates, please check our website at or click here.

If service ends and you would like us to return your keys at a time other than a service appointment, a $15.00 key return fee applies. We value the time our sitters spend on the road, incl. for key pick-up or return. There is a $15.00 key pick-up or key-return fee. If at the end of service, you want to avoid this charge, we have one other option and that is to dispose of your key(s) securely for free. We can send you a receipt that states it has been done. We can also mail you your keys back for free. We cannot be held liable for loss of keys through the mail.

If you cannot provide keys and/or fobs and our sitter needs to pick-up and/or return from a concierge/sales office there is a $1.50 fee per visit in addition to the service fee. This fee goes entirely as pay to your sitter who often has to stand in line or wait for assistance with the pick-up/return.


There is no charge for one-up-to-five days of dog walking or pet sitting cancellations made with at least 24 hour notice. We need all cancellations in writing.

KSR Pet Care assigns 2-hour time frames to your appointments and therefore the 24 hours is calculated starting with the start time of your time frame counting down to 24 hours prior. E.g. if you cancel a Friday noon-2pm appointment, we need your cancellation in at the latest by Thursday noon.

Same-day cancellations or the day before after 5:30pm (regardless the time frame) involve the value of the visit(s). (Explanation: our offices close at 5:30 PM, so if you send us a notification after 5:30 PM we will only be able to alert the sitter the following morning.) Thank you for your understanding!

Exceptions to the 24-hour notice rule apply for :

  • Monday appointments. Our offices are closed on the weekend and although we sometimes do check our email, we cannot guarantee it. We therefore request cancellations for Monday by closing of business on Friday.
  • Temporary suspension, cancellation of, or reduction of duration time of dog walks/ pet visits in your monthly dog walking/ pet sitting service: please cancel or request change with a 2-week notice, or two weeks of dog walking/ pet sitting will be due. The monthly due date for confirming your new month’s dates does not apply when suspending or changing your account. If you want to cancel or change as of the start of a new month, you need to give us two week’s notice before the start of the new month.
  • Holiday periods: for appointments on a Holiday or part of a series of appointments including the Holiday, cancellations are due 7 days in advance, or 50% of the full invoice is due. For overnight cancellations including Holidays we need 14 days notice, or 50% of the full invoice is due. If the cancellation is within 24 hours, the full invoice is due including the Holiday and Holiday surcharge. Holiday surcharges are non-refundable.
  • Cancellations for boarding and extended pet sitting service (this is, 7 days or more and both for pet sitting and overnights) must be received at least 7 days in advance, or 50% of the full invoice is due. If the cancellation is within 24 hours, the full invoice is due.

These exceptional charges are implemented as a courtesy to your sitter who is loosing a job and income without sufficient time to replace it with another.


Our pet sitters and dog walkers work for KSR Pet Care as employees and signed a non-compete agreement with KSR Pet Care. As a client of KSR Pet Care you may contact your KSR pet sitter and/or dog walker directly for any pet or house related updates. For any billing, bookings or payments you work via KSR Pet Care office only. No service can be set up directly with the dog walker or pet sitter without the knowledge of KSR Pet Care office. If service were to be set up without KSR Pet Care knowledge, this service would not be protected by KSR Pet Care insurances and would also violate your KSR Pet Care client agreement as well as the non-compete agreement we have with our employee.


KSR Pet Care services are fully bonded and insured. This means that if a pet sitter or dog walker working under the capacity of KSR Pet Care makes a mistake and something happens to your pet(s) or inside your house, KSR Pet Care is insured for this. We also carry bonding insurance in case of theft. We are fully licensed as stipulated by the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Corporation Commission.


Although we are not veterinary technicians, we consider it our responsibility to observe your pet’s health and alert you in our service log if we notice anything unusual about the appearance, behavior or the stool of your pet that might suggest an illness. We are responsible and prepared: we always carry a first-aid kit. We also ask all our customers to provide us with emergency and veterinary details, so we know what to do if something happens that cannot wait.

KSR Pet Care staff also consider it their duty to be hygienic and eliminate germ spreading by washing or sanitizing hands after each pet visit. We always carry a hand sanitizer with us in our car. Antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers are designed to offer the extra protection of killing germs. We follow the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and of The American Cleaning Institute.


In case of illness or emergency unavailability of your regular/primary sitter/walker, your secondary/back-up sitter or walker will automatically step in. In case both sitters/walkers are unavailable, we will contact you as soon as possible. At that time, service can be cancelled without fee, or upon availability and with timely notice, KSR Pet Care will arrange another sitter/walker to meet the home and pets before doing service. We never send sitters/walkers to a house they are not familiar with. For that reason, we highly encourage to book as early as possible so that an additional consultation and back-up is still an option.

For the convenience of our clients, the walker/sitter will be personally introduced to each pet that requires service, by KSR Pet Care staff- free of charge. If the client chooses to meet with the walker/sitter directly, a consultation fee applies. Before the start of the service KSR Pet Care will contact the client and provide the name and contact information of the back-up sitter/walker.

GPS tracking and privacy policy

KSR Pet Care employees use a GPS tracking program on their phone via an app that is created by a pet sitting software company. Employees check-in via this app when arriving at the door of a client home and check-out when leaving and just outside the client home. The GPS coordinates that are saved are a time stamp of check-in and check-out as well as a location stamp at check-in and check-out. Clients will not have direct access to the program data and this to protect our sitters’ privacy. Only by written request and with a valid reason for worry could KSR Pet Care management decide to disclose data to a client.