Overnight In-your-home care

*** In the comfort of your pet's own home. Companionship as if you are still home ***

If your pet is used to you being home all the time or is anxious when left alone for a long time, this is a highly recommended service! After all, we copy your day schedule and are there when you usually are home, so there is continuation and routine resulting in less stress and more comfort for your pets.

As an employee-based business were required to pay our sitters by the hour even while asleep. This is Federal Law. Great compensation motivates our overnight sitters and they are dedicated to offering you and your pets quality service. They look after your home as well as your pets.

Option 1 - 10 hour sleepover

includes a 30 min. dinner visit in time frame 4-6 PM, or sitter arrives at 6 PM for sleepover

sitter stays 9:00PM-7:00 AM, including late night potty break and breakfast, breakfast walk if needed

$ 115.00
​Option 2 - 12 hour sleepover

includes a 30 min. dinner visit in time frame 4-6 PM

sitter stays 7:00PM-7:00 AM, including late night potty break and breakfast, breakfast walk if needed

​$ 136.00
  • No extra charge for extra pets
  • Medications are administered FREE OF EXTRA CHARGE
  • Our employees get paid by the hour, even while asleep, as required by US law
  • includes dinner (usually between 4-6PM), a late night short walk, meals, play, treats, TV time, all other services as required
  • also includes care and security to your house: general check of the house to make sure all is secure and well, indoor plant care,
    light rotation/lived-in look, mail/paper, trash/recycling, and so on are all included FREE OF CHARGE
  • Please NOTE: for reasons of comfort and liability, our overnight sitters do not alternate nights with other third parties; you book us for the entire period.
  • detailed owner report per visit
  • need additional day visits between 7 AM-4PM? Just look under Pet sitting visits (A.)
  • We ask for three keys of service: one for your primary, one for your back-up and one for the office in case of emergency;
  • If you live in a condo or neighborhood where a fob is needed, we need at least one fob to start service and we have a minimum visit requirement of 30 minutes.If our sitter has to pick-up and/or return key/fob from a leasing office or concierge there is a $1.50 pick-up/return fee per service visit. This fee will entirely go to your sitter. If the key pick-up/ drop-off is not going smoothly and takes longer than 5 minutes, the sitter will report this and deduct the time up to 10 minutes of your visit time. If waiting time is longer than 15 minutes, we will contact you and let you know of the additional charge.
  • If you live in a condo/ apartment building and walking time from a sitter's car is longer than 5 minutes, we will reduce your visit time with 5 minutes (or more if walking time would be longer than 10 minutes). This will then be discussed at consultation.
Consultation / Registration / Surcharges
FREE FIRST consultation ​$ 0.00
​One-time registration/ administration fee for new clients (non-refundable) ​$ 29.00
​Additional Consultation: client interviewing new sitter/ dog walker, new pet at the house ​$ 20.00
​'Shadow meeting' of dog walker/pet sitter introducing a new dog walker/pet sitter at a time of booked service ​$ 0.00
​Surcharges on  Federal Holidays  as well as on Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, Independence Day weekend and Labor Day weekend

Exception: Thanksgiving, Christmas eve and day, New year's eve and day

​$ 5.00 / visit

$12.50/ visit

​There are NO surcharges for administering medication, extra same-family pets ​$ 0.00
​Key/ fob pick-up or return on a day where no service visit is scheduled ​$ 15.00
​Key/ fob pick-up or return for a scheduled dog walking/ pet sitting visit ​$1.50 / visit
Monthly Contracts
  • available for dog walking, pet sitting, pet taxi
  • 10% OFF - on FIRST month of contract (minimum requirement of 3 days per week)
  • 10% OFF- Puppy care Program (until very latest 1 year old, twice a day visits, minimum 4 days per week)

Rates are subject to change without prior notification. For the most up-to-date overview, please check this page! Thank you for your understanding. For more info, read our service policy here