The KSR Pet Care Dog Training school

Our philosophy comes from the understanding that nobody is perfect, including our dog(s). We sometimes see all the bad things and overlook what is going right. Hearing it from a professional with a tweak here or there and seeing the wood for the trees is sometimes all it takes to feeling good again as family companions. And therefore, it sometimes just takes one professional session to get you and your dog(s) on track to success again. Whether it takes one session or more our goal is to help you find manageable ways to live with your dog(s), be happy together at home and/or in the community (e.g. with neighbors, your dog walker, other dogs). It's not about creating the stereotypical 'perfect' dog, but the perfect dog for you and your family. Our trainers will help you find harmony and work with you and your dog(s) toward the picture-perfect you have in your head, or the companion you were hoping for. The road leading to that goal is as important as the result

KSR Pet Care offers group classes, evaluations, Walk & Train as well as private lessons.


KSR Pet Care Dog Training School


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   Teaching the Down command/ before & after

A. ​Private lesson

If a private setting is a better option for you and your dog, we can help by coming to your home instead of meeting in a group class. During a short phone conversation we gather some initial pointers during which you decide what to focus on during private lessons. Your dog trainer will make a recommendation. Our dog trainers can help with puppy training, behavior modification training as well as obedience training. Sign up for FIVE sessions and get 10% OFF

  • standard or puppy: $ 90 for 60 min , $140 for 90 min
  • aggression issue: $ 100 for 60 min, $150 for 90 min

One time only offer and cannot be combined with other offers. No refunds.

B. Walk & Train

Are walks sometimes annoying for you because your dog does not always 'behave'? Let us help you! Our certified dog trainer comes to your home for a walk and train session. Trainers can help with pulling, leash-reactive behavior, jumping up, etc. and give general obedience training while walking. You receive an extensive report afterwards. Your regular dog walker at KSR, if any, will also be informed about any changes while walking. Sign up for FIVE sessions and get 10% OFF

​$ 45 for 30 min
$ 90 for 60 min

One time only offer and cannot be combined with other offers. No refunds.

​C. Training Evaluation

Our certified dog trainer comes to your home for an evaluation which takes either 30 min or 60 min. During this consultation your dog trainer will evaluate the needs for your family, what the issues are and what to focus on. You will then receive an evaluation report and recommendations for next steps. This is not a lesson. After the evaluation you can either choose for private lessons and/or dog walking sessions with KSR Pet Care (see below service areas) during which a training program can be applied & reinforced

​$ 45 for 30 min
$ 90 for 60 min

D. ​Sitter Introduction / consultation

The KSR dog trainer introduces a KSR dog walker to your dog as well as all training techniques to be applied on every walk. The client may also be present.

​30 min session for $ 45.00
45 min session for $ 70.00
60 min session for $ 89.00

E. We also have three specific dog training lessons/sessions:

· Which breed fits my family best? During a meeting with our certified dog trainer you discuss and determine which breeds and age groups would suit your family best. We take into consideration activity level, family style, investment level, children. Usually the entire family is present for this meeting, so the trainer can provide the best possible help.

· Bringing your puppy home, then what? We can help with housebreaking, potty training and set up of your home environment with for example safety pen and/or crate. We also help with the purchase of puppy goods which help with the integration of your puppy in his/her new family.

· Child / dog education. You have children and want to add a dog to your family? Or you have a dog but the integration with your kids is making you worry or frustrated? During a meeting with our certified dog trainer family with dog get to better understand one another and learn how to be around one another in a safe and stress-free way. Our trainer understands both children as well as dogs and can help create a more harmonious relationship in your home.

​To get started, please contact us at or call 703-945-5045 and register online

SERVICE AREA for Dog Training evaluation and lessons:

If your zip code is not yet in our database please call or email us to see if we can service your area. For dog training, we can book training sessions and evalutions in Sterling, Dulles, Chantilly, Herndon, Reston, Great Falls, Oakton, McLean, Vienna, Fairfax, Falls Church, Arlington, Annandale, Ashburn, Leesburg and North-Springfield.