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Group classes

Small group class - Two trainers on location - Individualized approach - 1 hour classes

Two locations:

  • Venue: Kriser's Natural Pet store Fairfax, 3903-F Fair Ridge Dr, Pender Village Shopping Ctr, Fairfax, VA 22033
    Sundays at 10:00 AM except Holiday weekends


  • Venue: Kriser's Natural Pet store Vienna, 144 Maple Ave WVienna, VA 22180 (Near the intersection of Maple Ave W and Lawyers Rd NW/Courthouse Rd SW)
    Saturdays at 9:00 AM except Holiday weekends



You sign up for six classes and get the first class FREE. Total is $180 instead of $ 216. The value of one class is $36.00

One dog per registration form. Also, one dog per handler.

For questions and help with registration, email info@ksrpetcare.com or call 703-945-5045

About our Dog training:

Our philosophy comes from the understanding that nobody is perfect, including our dog(s). We sometimes see all the bad things and overlook what is going right. Hearing it from a professional with a tweak here or there and seeing the wood for the trees is sometimes all it takes to feeling good again as family companions. And therefore, it sometimes just takes one professional session to get you and your dog(s) on track to success again. Whether it takes one session or more our goal is to help you find manageable ways to live with your dog(s), be happy together at home and/or in the community (e.g. with neighbors, your dog walker, other dogs). It's not about creating the stereotypical 'perfect' dog, but the perfect dog for you and your family. Our trainers will help you find harmony and work with you and your dog(s) toward the picture-perfect you have in your head, or the companion you were hoping for. The road leading to that goal is as important as the result



Group class lesson with Molly                   Teaching the Down command/ before & after


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